Introducing Agoda 44 Nights & PKR 762,000 in 7 Days


Like many hotels, this 5-star Lahore luxury hotel had confidence in the production offered by but doubted the potential of other online channels.


Our revenue management & distribution team analyzed market trends and devised the following strategy for growth:

  1. Closely monitored the source market and recommended adding a new distribution channel:
  2. Devised a tactical pricing strategy to capture traffic & bookings.
  3. Created targeted promotions to attract customers from nearby countries and top feeder markets.


Opening a new channel with specially designed promotions led to 44 room nights booked with an additional PKR 762,000 revenue in the first 7 days, increasing total online revenue by 39%.


  • Connecting to new channels is only part of the equation. Placing targeted offers in front of consumers is what leads to bookings and revenue growth.
  • These positive results would not be possible without the aggressive pricing and yield management strategies that rely on the effective use of channel management software.

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