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This 4-star Lahore hotel with 120 rooms enjoys a key position in the top hotels and was looking to amplify its presence on digital platforms. Ascendant was contacted by this hotel to provide a 360 solutions to strategically draft and implement a digital marketing strategy.


Ascendant conducted a digital audit for the hotel and implemented the following strategies for online digital growth:

  1. Revamped the hotel’s website with SEO optimization by providing professional content writing services.
  2. Upgraded the content and hotel photographs on the website.
  3. Integrated Ascendant’s Booking Engine and Payment Gateway for immediate collection of online payment.
  4. Focused on SEM (Search engine marketing) to increase the hotel’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) along with drafting a strategy on how to improve search rankings.
  5. Activated the social media channels for the hotel and implemented a social media marketing plan.
  6. Made the hotel available to International and Domestic distribution partners by integrating Ascendant’s Channel Manager with the hotel’s PMS.
  7. Activated Google Hotel Ads (GHA) – GHA enhanced the hotel bookings/conversions by routing visitors from Google’s search engine to the hotel’s website, thus gaining an added advantage over the competitors.


Having implemented the above strategies, the client realized PKR 500,000 in new bookings in the first quarter. The results can be broken as follows:

  1. Website revamp and online promotion helped increase the monthly web traffic by 30%.
  2.  GHA added 10 monthly bookings.
  3. Active presence on social media platforms helped improve brand equity. Increase in SEO ranking.


  • Professional digital marketing teams help understand market trends and surface the true business potential while executing the right strategies at the right time leading to increased revenue and a solid digital presence.

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