+700% Online Growth on Booking.com


Ascendant had a difficult time convincing this 4-star Lahore hotel with 60 rooms to place its leading OTA, Booking.com, on its Channel Manager.

  1. The hotel was dependent on Booking.com for bookings and revenue.
  2. They believed they were already getting maximum revenue from the channel.
  3. And the hotel did not want to pay an extra 2% commission for the Channel Manager.


Our Revenue Management and Distribution team analyzed market trends and introduced the following strategy for growth:

  1. Mobile Promotions – put the right offer in front of 90% of their customers who booked short lead times via their mobile device.
  2. Primarily focused on 70% last minute bookings (less than 72 hours), our team introduced a special promotion for 7-day advance bookings, making the property/offer attractive to a new segment of shoppers without eroding the price strategy for the core clientele.
  3. The above strategies worked in tandem to create additional demand against distressed inventory, which also added to increased bookings and revenue.


As a result, the hotel saw a major increase in revenue during the first month of their partnership with Ascendant, taking Booking.com revenue from less than PKR 100,000 in the previous month to a total of PKR 768,000 after 30 days.


  • On top of full-time revenue optimization strategies, our Channel Manager offers real-time pricing, along with the flexibility to change the prices multiple times in a day across all channels with a single click.
  • 12% of 100K yields a net of 88K. 14% of 768K yields a net of 660K. Conclusion… pay the 2% channel manager fee, it facilitates aggressive pricing strategies to grow revenue and it’s worth it.
  • Pay your bills… due to the complex algorithm used by Booking.com to monitor customer behavior, the same client was permanently suspended for declaring false no-shows and failing to pay out commissions.

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